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Meet David

I’m announcing my candidacy for mayor of Baltimore because I want to work for you and with you to write the greatest turnaround story in America.

The story begins with you.

I believe in your power – as individuals and as a community – to affect change that will improve the quality of life for yourself and everyone – everyone – who calls Baltimore home.

But to spiritually and economically revive Baltimore we must build change that is supported by four pillars – respect, innovation, inclusion and optimism.

David Warnock

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  • Thank you for believing in Baltimore, for believing in me, and believing that we can turn this city around. 
Baltimore will always have a friend, a servant, and an advocate in me.
  • We're heading from poll to poll talking to voters this afternoon. #Warnock4Baltimore #TurnaroundTour #Warnock4Mayor
  • We're talking to voters at the polls. #Warnock4Mayor #TurnaroundTour #Warnock4Baltimore
  • Casting my vote this morning!
  • Enjoying Election Day with the future leaders of Baltimore! #turnaroundtour #education #baltimore
  • We're headed to the polls. Vote David Warnock to be your next mayor of Baltimore. Let's turn this city around together. #Warnock4Baltimore #TurnaroundTour #Warnock4Mayor
  • Our volunteers are preparing to go door knocking in Canton. #Warnock4Mayor #TurnaroundTour #Warnock4Baltimore
  • Meeting and greeting voters at the Baltimore's Farmers Market & Bazaar this afternoon. #Warnock4Mayor
  • Join us at our Election Night Watch Party at Verde Pizza Baltimore, 641 S. Montford Avenue. We'll be there at 8:30 p.m. after polls close. #Warnock4Baltimore #TurnaroundTour #Warnock4Mayor
  • We're live on "The Larry Young Morning Show" for a mayoral candidates town hall. Tune in now to WOLB 1010 AM. #Warnock4Mayor #Warnock4Baltimore #TurnaroundTour
  • I'm going live on Fox 45 Baltimore. Tune in now. #Warnock4Mayor
  • I'm at an early vote location on Eastern Avenue this afternoon. Let's vote early and vote Warnock! #TurnaroundTour #Warnock4Baltimore #Warnock4Mayor

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