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New direction with new leadership in order to turn Baltimore around.

David Warnock knows that this is the most important election in a generation, and fresh, new leadership – not more of the same, typical politicians – is what we need to turn Baltimore around. The stakes are high. Baltimore needs a leader with a proven record of getting things done to get this city moving in the right direction and working for its people again.

Give Baltimore’s young people alternatives to a life caught up in the criminal justice system.
David Warnock knows that to move our city forward, Baltimoreans must feel safe in their homes and in their communities. People who commit violent crimes will have no place in our growing, prosperous city. But, David also knows that we simply cannot prosecute our way to prosperity. To make our communities safe again, David believes we must give young people alternatives to entering a life of crime. David will use his real-word experience to bring good jobs back to Baltimore for the first time in a generation and invest in alternatives to incarceration, such as job training, and remove the barriers to employment.

Use our city’s vacant housing problem as an opportunity to create jobs and stabilize neighborhoods.
David Warnock knows that vacant housing hurts our neighborhoods, however without bringing good jobs to Baltimore, these abandoned properties will never be occupied by families again. Our city has 16,000 vacant houses, yet we demolish fewer houses in a year than some cities do in one month, and programs intended to spur investment in rehabbing vacant houses are weak and ineffective. David believes Baltimore should finally invest in tearing down our vacant buildings, and train an army of workers from Baltimore to complete the demolition.

Support every child, in every neighborhood, with the tools they need to succeed.
David Warnock knows that a good education is the difference between hope and hopelessness – it’s the path to a good job and a bright future. Building a robust community school network, within walking distance of every child, is a critical first step to ensure students and their families have access to the resources they need to learn, prepare for the workforce, and thrive in life.

Clean up City Hall and get government working for the people again.
David Warnock knows that for too long, the power brokers in Baltimore City government haven’t had the best interests of our city’s citizens in mind. David believes the citizens of Baltimore should be treated with respect, and that means rooting out corruption and special interests. It also means annual audits; an increased focus on customer service within city agencies; a truly open, transparent government; public accountability for agency leaders; and an administration that finally puts the needs of the customers – Baltimore residents – first.

David Warnock knows that this is the most important election in a generation. The stakes couldn’t be higher. This election will be the difference between us writing the greatest turnaround story of America, or slipping backwards into permanent decline.

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